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Home Care on Demand


Pets and Seniors

Pets are very therapeutic for seniors. They can help with depression and/or the effects of being alone. Pets can also help improve quality of life, By allowing the senior to bond with the pet this is known to promote hormonal changes in the brain. Pets can even help with lowering the blood pressure. We here at Home Care on Demand love pets as well. We will assist you and/or your loved one with your pet(s). You can send your information to us through the contact portal. We look forward to hearing from you.

Risk Management/Safety

Safety is freedom from danger, risk or injury. Risk management is what we do to stay safe.

Since about one-third of falls are in the home, we have to especially be alert for hazards such as poor lighting, frayed carpets, uneven floors, cluttered stairs or no railing, electrical cords stretched across a walk area, or poor fitting shoes. We care about our senior communities safety.